Applied art
Making a room like this really cozy requires a little more than just some furniture. It requires various trinkets and applied art, which can help to create life and delicious details. There are a lot of different applied arts. These are both vases, pillows, pictures and much much more. In fact, it is only the imagination that sets the limits within applied art.

You can find applied art for any style. In addition, you can get applied art in all possible materials, depending on what you are for. You can of course also get outdoor utility art, so you can make the terrace, stairs or other really cozy.

It is also easy to renew a room with applied art. You can just arrange the art differently so that there is a whole new game between things. The possibilities with applied art are therefore very wide.


kireimo kao

kireimo yoyaku zenshin

Fudge wax originates from sometime in the 1990s in Australia. The crazy idea about Fudge came from the fact that the founder chewed gum, and it inspired him to create a hair product that was strong and flexible at the same time.


kireimo waki

kireimo syogetumuryo

Renati is a recognized brand in the hair product industry worldwide. They are especially known for their hair wax. In fact, Renati wax is the best-selling hair wax in Scandinavia.


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kireimo kaodatsumo

American Crew wax was created by stylist David Raccuglia in 1993. At that time, there were not many products for men in this field and Raccuglia decided to create a masculine quality series of care products for men.